Annette R. Richards, EFT Practitioner, Michigan

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Emotional Freedom Techniques Services

  • Free consultations 
  • Location flexible; Clients cannot always get to treatment locations easily. Fee for travel expense.
  • Weekend time available; some week day afternoons
  • Located in central Oakland County, Michigan
  • Free EFT services for Veterans, time available or referral
  • EFT Phone Services for Michigan Residents Only

Emotional Freedom Techniques Sessions - Individual (or couples/family) **Confidential EFT sessions to address ONE issue; two hour session, written session summary,  and on-call support, no charge.  Two goals: learn how to use EFT independently by resolving a problem and resolve the problem. Refund of half if not fully satisfied. There is a flat one hour fee if further sessions if desired. Persons already working with a therapist must obtain written permission from their therapist before an appointment will be scheduled. Weekday evenings and weekend or phone sessions (Michigan residents only) can be scheduled by calling 248-334-9214.  Call for fee information and location. Payment plans accepted, checks or cash only. Free phone consultation. Consents and Confidentiality Required except in cases where mandated by law.

Children's EFT Sessions -  Same conditions and fees as for adults, however, there are times parents need to be involved in sessions. Consents and Confidentiality Required except in cases where mandated by law.

Current Groups:

One Saturday of each month, from 3:00PM to 5:00PM. Check calender for correct date. RSVP necessary due to space limitations and no group if there is less than 3 participants. Sign-in and confidentiality expected. Use of Borrowing Benefits, practice new energy psychology skills. On-call support and follow up. Fee is $30.00.  No refund. Consents and Confidentiality Required.  See calendar for scheduled groups.

'Your' Group:  Find a minimum of 5 people and no more than 10 people who want to learn EFT by addressing an emotional issue and hire me to come to you for two hours ($30.00 per person) or three hours ($50.00 per person) either evening or a weekend.  This can be a very affordable way to learn EFT.  Each person pitches in for transportation and costs if travel is expected.  Sign-in sheet and confidentiality still apply, as do all mandatory reporting laws governing social workers. No Refund.  Consents and Confidentiality Required.

Find friends and sign for  6 to 8 weeks!  Eating for Good Health  This group is designed for 6 to 8 participants, or an individual.  A workbook is provided. The first session covers eliminating individual food cravings and triggers, followed by 5 sessions to uncover other areas of poor eating habits.  Information about Sunrider Foods to further assist with healthy eating habit also provided. Checks and payment plans acceptable. $30.00 per person for 2 hour groups, or $50.00 per person for 3 hour groups. No Refund. Call 248-334-9214 for location information or to set up a group at your location.  Consents and Confidentiality Required. The workbook can be purchased as a stand alone.

My Specialty:  Stop Smoking/Nicotine Cessation - Yes, you really stop smoking after the two hour session; I get this question a lotThere are many reasons to stop smoking.: job restrictions, financial costs of cigarettes/nicotine replacement and health risks are only a few reasons to stop this habit. Smoking cigarettes is one the hardest addictions to break; nicotine, when it is psychologically tied to one's daily life, stopping use is made more difficult.  Nicotine replacement strategies and medications do little to reduce nicotine dependence tied to many aspects associated with smoking and tools used to meet the 'psychological' dependence usually don't work either, they may in fact, inadvertently strengthen aspects. And, if you don't treat the reason why you started using nicotine in the first place, stopping is even harder.  Learn EFT while you address all the ways nicotine use is tied to your many lifestyle activities, feelings and behaviors.  Stopping nicotine addiction this way is anxiety-free. All of my clients have never smoked or used nicotine again after this two hour intervention and have never craved it. Checks and payment plan acceptable.  No Refund. Consents and Confidentiality Required.  The workbook can be purchased as a stand alone.

FUN Group!  Using EFT to Build Abundance and Prosperity   I developed this group or course to teach at Unity in Rochester. It is based on Catherine Ponder's prosperity principles as well as Gary Craig's instruction in Palace of Possibilities of using affirmations to locate the 'yes buts' in our unconscious, which block our good from finding us. It seeks to help EFTers learn to identify contrary self-talk and use EFT to strengthen prosperity goals. Call to set you your own group. Consents and Confidentiality Required. The workbook can be purchased as a stand alone.

I feel these groups will generate extraordinary benefits for all attendees.  However, EFT is a very flexible process and thus this group session represents the views of the presenter and not necessarily the complete, standardized training offered at various EFT training organizations.   

**Confidentiality is observed except in situations mandated by law to be reported to proper authorities: child abuse, domestic violence, serious threat to harm another and serious threat to self.












Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Sep 13 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Wednesday, Oct 11 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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