Annette R. Richards, EFT Practitioner, Michigan




Quotes I know I have said it before but you really helped me off load so much baggage from my childhood and teen years! It has been almost 3 1/2 years since I finished breast cancer treatments. The week before that I lost Mom. I am pretty sure my cancer diagnosis was too much for her to deal with. That is when she started going down hill fast. I know there is buried trauma from that I need to start dealing with. When I am upset or stressed the first thing I do is start tapping. Quotes

Quotes I had exceptional results following a private session with Annette. It was the first experience I had with tapping. It took a month or longer to process all the negative stuff I released that had been with me for a very long time. Annette was patient with me as I sent emails asking follow up questions, etc. I am a much calmer happier person because of Annette's expertise. I try to attend group sessions on Saturdays when I am able to. It helps to refresh everything in my mind and get me started again with my own self therapy. Thanks Annette!! Quotes

Quotes 10 days ago I fell very hard on the ice. My right hand hurt a lot and I could barely move my fingers. I worried I would not be able to drive or work. Annette used EFT to help me. Within minutes I was able to move my fingers more. About 10 minutes after that I was less worried about being unable to work or drive. In fact I was able to work and drive after that. Suzanne J., Utica, MI Quotes
Suzanne Johnson

Quotes Annette has made a huge difference in my son's life and our family as a whole. She not only is very knowledgeable but she wants success and won't stop until she is satisfied. She encourages her clients to take back control and gives them the tools to do so! Very pleased with the results!! Quotes

Quotes Annette is a wonderful, highly-experienced EFT practitioner and I am so grateful to have found her. I had already been introduced to TFT (have the book) and EFT (watched the videos) but these tools don?t come close to having an EFT professional work with you on your issue(s). To be honest, I was very uncomfortable at the thought of opening up to a complete stranger about a problem I?ve never even uttered aloud, but I was even more uncomfortable living with it. Upon my first visit, Annette was able to zero in on the underlying causes of my highly sensitive issue and work on dismantling my self-sabotage. She did this professionally and effectively and I quickly felt at ease with her. Annette has continued to help me immensely with other issues. I?m also very happy that she offers EFT workshops because I?ve learned so much working in a group setting. Thank you Annette, your skilled work with me has definitely improved my life! Quotes
C. P. Royal Oak