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Here are website, book and video recommendations that I want to share with you because I've found them to be helpful.


  •   was the World center for Emotional Freedom Techniques developed by Gary Craig. 
  • This link is not working, please Google ''  Thank you.  Is the link to the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology where practitioners and EFT training locations can be located. I am a member of ACEP.
  • This is the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques.  Practitioners and trainers can be located here as well. I am listed as an Advanced EFT Practitioner at AAMET.
  • This website assumed much of Gary Craig's website; it continues to list EFT Practitioners, articles and issues to address using EFT. I am listed at this website as an EFT Intermediate Practitioner.
  •  In 1993 I began having mysterious numbness about my face, hands and feet.  I had survived a significant period of stress prior to and following, so that in 1995 I lost near complete sight in my right eye.  Tests results at that time, brain MRI, showed leisions consistent with demyelinating disease, otherwise known as MS. Made some changes in my life since I knew this auto-immune disease was being caused my me and asked God for a direction because I knew Western medicine did not treat this disease.  Two weeks later friends introduced to me to Sunrider Foods and I have been eating them ever since.  I do not take medication, my health returned - even better.  I was 31 years old then, I am 51 years old today.  I have decided to introduce more people to these wonderful foods, as well as EFT as both have made me healthier, stronger and to have more control over my health care dollar.  Sunrider Foods work along the same subtle energy route; by nutrifying, balancing and cleansing the body, the body is assisted to regenerate at a cellular level.   BE WELL!!
  •  is a website exclusively devoted to using EFT to improve children’s academic and emotional abilities.  It is a Canadian website but its features, articles, CDs etc all have much to offer for any child regardless of country.  The Manual is a free download.  Be sure to visit speakers, articles, Practioner directories and technical assistance to getting energy techniques into your school. Be sure to consider the free electronic newsletter subscription.
  • http://http//  This an international website offering people and professionals who seek to help other achieve their dreams.
  •  This website is set up by Gregg Braden and Howard Martin.  The goal of this website is to communicate the importance of heart coherence not just for the well-being of the physical body but for the whole world.
  • is website owned and operated by energy psychologist, Deborah Bogle.  Deborah is a member of the professional energy psychology educational group I have been in consultation with since late 2007.  Deborah's talents are many and she comes strongly recommended.  Deborah was instrumental in a 30 minute phone session toward helping me release a worry and fear I was unable to shake independently.  Please visit her website.
  •  is a Southeast Michigan website devoted to exposing unique businesses and their owners.  Visit the website to find thousands of various businesses and listen to interviews with their owners.  Natalie DeLeo is a natural with people; her Light brings out their Light to meet your Light.
    Hey, which reminds me, I heard 'L-I-G-H-T' stands for 'Living in God's Highest Thought.'
    - I like that!!)
  •  Citizens for the Rehabilitation of Errants is an organization whose goals include prisons are for used only for persons who absolutely must be incarcerated, and that people in prison have all the resources they need to change their lives.  My goal is that EFT will used by prisons to reduce recidivism rates and for use with restorative justice between victim and offender where it is safe to do so.
  •   This link is for EFT Specialist Linda Fisher-Piccolo.  Linda taught me EFT while using it to address my nicotine addiction in a two hour session, a technique she uses to teach others EFT.  I left my two hour session free of nicotine cravings while also knowing how to use EFT to heal the rest of my issues (Personal Peace Procedure).
  •  The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology is a professional organization for the certification and education of EP practitioners.  Use it to find professional training, research, publications and practitioners. 

***More Michigan EFT or other energy practitioners will be listed here soon, stay tuned.



  • The Genie in Your Genes, Dawson Church - this 2008 book highlights scientific discoveries regarding the electromagnetic field in our bodies, current medical practice and how it might improve with a more integrated approach.
  • The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton - this 2008 book provides an outstanding description of the changes in our cells based on stimulation occuring outside of the cell but which signal necessary changes via the cell's membrane.  When reading this, consider the impact of poverty, domestic violence, or poor diet on the developing fetus of an inner city pregnant woman.  This book definitely speaks to my own value that every child needs to be a wanted child by society as a whole; when one loses, we all lose, we cannot separate ourselves. 
  • The Promise of Energy Psychology, David Feinstein, Donna Eden and Gary Craig - this book also provides EFT instruction as well as information on studies and case examples.  It is a positive and hopeful book.
  • The EFT Manual - Available from Amazon Books. Gary Craig - this is a definite must read.  The chapter on energy disruptions and psychological reversal is imporant to understand. 
  • The Field, Lynn McTaggart - this is a whopper of a read: 150 years of studies related to quantum physics and biology, take your time but please read it even if you think it may be over your head.  You'll understand it with patience.
  • Energy Psychology Interactive, David Feinstein and Donna Eden - this series is developed for training energy psychologists.
  • The Miracle of Water, Masaru Emoto - if you saw the movie, 'What The Bleep,' you saw the part in the subway where the effects of 'thought' on water is being presented.  That was the research work of Mr. Emoto.  The book is lovingly written and presented.
  • The Little Me and THE GREAT ME, Lou Austin - defines the 'Little Me' and how to 'blow out' the Little Me and how to 'breath IN the GREAT ME' or breathe in God, my secret friend.
  • The Road Less Traveled, by M. Scott Peck
  • Anastasia and the rest of The Ringing Cedars of Russia Series by Vladimir Megre - Have you contemplated the direction of Mankind?  Have you noticed the absence of this contemplation on your news sources?  Have you wondered about how culture focuses on making better 'things' and have failed to focus on Creating better people? Have you considered the efforts that have been created to keep you from thinking? Have you noticed we have more kinds of diseases today then even 250 years ago? Have considered the nutritional value of food grown for money, not for you?
  • Ishmael by Daniel Quinn - what an insightful conversation between Ishmael and his students as to the direction of Mankind.


  • "Water" - Spiritual Cinema; you can also watch this on-line.
  • "You can HEAL your Life" - Louise Hay, available to buy on-line or meta physical bookstores;
  • "The Shadow Effect" - Debbie Ford, Spiritual Cinema
  • "What The Bleep" - Twentith Century Fox Home Entertainment, Inc.
  • "The Moses Code" - James Twyman
  • "The Secret" - TS Productions,

More is to come...please contact me to add your recommendations!










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