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Annette R. Richards LMSW
Advanced EFT Practitioner

Moving You Forward

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a system of meridian stimulation or 'tapping' developed by Gary Craig to balance energy disruptions resulting in negative emotions associated with an experience.  

The EFT discovery statement: 'The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system.' Once those energy systems are balanced, such as by tapping, while holding the negative experience in mind, the disruption is corrected.  Once corrected, people report feeling better and have a difficult time feeling negative again when the particular experience is recalled.

If you are looking for an EFT practitioner, you will find me to be an intuitively skilled EFT Practitioner who is also familiar with other energy psychology techniques.  You will find me to be knowledgeable in many subjects . You will find me to be empathic and caring.  The best way to reach me is by using the phone number above. 




"I know I have said it before but you really helped me off load so much baggage from my childhood and teen years! It has been almost 3 1/2 years since I finished breast cancer treatments. The week before that I lost Mom. I am pretty sure my cancer diagnosis was too much for her to deal with. That is when she started going down hill fast. I know there is buried trauma from that I need to start dealing with. When I am upset or stressed the first thing I do is start tapping."



Emotional Freedom Technique Services

  • Free consultations

  • Location flexible

  • Weekend time available; some week day afternoons

  • Located in central Oakland County, Michigan

  • Free EFT services for Veterans

  • EFT Phone Services for Michigan Residents Only

  • Smoking cessation

  • Pain Management

  • Private groups


What to Expect...

I work with a new client a minimum of two hours addressing one major problem; a session might look like 'assess'/'treat'.  I do not tap my client. The client and I face each other and follows me while I tap my own meridian system.  There are two goals for each client:

  1. Learn the EFT tapping sequence as well as how to narrow the focus to specific aspects. Ann Adams offers: for results that are terrific, it's best to be specific.

  2. Relief from the problem.


Clients are assessed at initial phone call for psychiatric history and their goal; I look for safety concerns and whether or not the client would be better served by another intervention. There is a set fee for the Initial 2 hour session. There is no sliding fee scale.  There is no trade.  Clients can make payments affordable to their resources.  I use a contract/consent* format which indicate potential risks, obtains Consent, identifies clients are taking responsibility for themselves, and that the client has answered assessment questions truthfully.  The contract indicates that there is on-call phone support with a written session summary to follow within two weeks.  There is a refund of half if a client does not achieve desired results.  There is no refund for addictions, but don't worry, I can accurately assess readiness and determine a client might want to work on underlying problems first., thus saving client time and resources.  Any subsequent sessions desired by a client are set by hourly fee.  I call each client the following day to check well-being and outcomes.


I appreciate having a way for people to feel better 'faster' while giving them the tools to help themselves independently.  While one session may not be 100%, I guarantee clients feel better following an EFT session with me and they will have a direction and a technique to continue their work.

*Confidentiality is observed except in situations mandated by law to be reported to proper authorities: child abuse, domestic violence, serious threat to harm another and serious threat to self.

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